The Best Dog Beaches in San Diego

The Best Dog Beaches in San Diego

If your pup is anything like mine, then you are constantly on your toes looking for things to keep them occupied. My dog Lucy is an adorable Labrador/Pitbull mutt with too much energy for her own good. Luckily, living in San Diego, there is no shortage of fun dog activities. 

Not only is this city super dog-friendly, (just another reason why I love it here!) but there are so many different things to do with your baby dog! I have been to so many different dog beaches in San Diego and luckily for you, I can give you the 3 best options in town.


3. Windansea, Bird Rock, La Jolla

One of my absolute favorite beaches! This beach is great and a local favorite. There are rarely lifeguards, so it makes for a fun day with your pup and friends. Lately, with San Diego getting more populated, this place fills up quickly. So make sure you get there early (seriously, like 10-11am) to stake out your spot!
*HOT TIP: During low tide, you can even travel past the southernmost wall and have a cove party! Just make sure you climb back over before sunset!


2. OB (Ocean Beach) Dog Beach

This is a classic for locals alike. There's plenty of space, so expect it to be crowded. You'll want to make sure you're dog gets along with others, as well! This is a huge beach and there are dogs of all sizes running about. Make sure you keep an eye on them, though; there's a huge parking lot next to the beach and a LOT of cars cycle through!


1. Coronado Dog Beach

My favorite! And Lucy's too! Nestled next to the Southeast entrance to the Naval Base on North Island is the lovely Coronado Dog Beach. There are panoramic views of the Hotel del Coronado, plenty of dogs for your pupper to play with, and a ton of sand area to lounge! Just do us real dog owners a favor; if you're going to leash you're dog, stay away from the unleashed ones playing!

Painting in the Park with Pink Easel

Painting in the Park with Pink Easel