Painting in the Park with Pink Easel

Painting in the Park with Pink Easel

My weekends are always filled with R&R. My mind literally never shuts off unless I’m sleeping, so low-key Saturdays & Sundays are the way to my heart. It’s really important for someone in my position to stay creative and sharp; that’s why I was so excited when Bianca of Pink Easel contacted me about joining one of her new Painting in the Park events!

Painting is seriously one of my favorite things to do. I’m not great at it, but luckily you can just paint over your mistakes 😂 Also, Louie and I love going to Paint & Wine events around the city, so being able to experience the same type of thing on a sunny San Diego afternoon was the recipe for a great day!

Balboa Park

is usually not one of my favorite places to be on the weekend. It’s crowded, filled with tourists, and finding a parking spot is cutthroat. But somehow we got lucky and found a spot right before the Prado! Since the Painting takes place by the Botanical Building (basically the middle of Balboa Park), we had a nice little walk to the space. Even though it had been storming and rainy the previous week, I found myself getting a little hot in my sweater and jeans!


After our walk

to the space, we were greeted by Bianca and Taylor who were getting ready to start! I brought my man and my best friend along with me because, like I said, who doesn’t love a creative painting session on a beautiful day?

Included in your ticket, Bianca supplies an easel to paint on, a bunch of different acrylic paints, paint brushes, a tarp to sit on, and three tiny canvases! I was definitely excited to make three different tiny paintings, since my creative juices seem to come and go a lot more often.

It was so relaxing

to be creating fun little paintings with two important people in my life! There was a guitarist that was playing riffs close by which made the mood even better. Bianca is smart to choose this location for her events because the Botanical Building is one of the most foot-trafficked place in the Park! Throughout the hour and a half that we were there, countless families, tourists, and young people came up to ask about what was happening or get a business card.

This is an awesome way to spread the word about your new business or product! Word-of-mouth advertising is known to be one of the most successful converters in marketing. Wouldn’t you trust your best friend over a billboard?


Pink Easel

is now one of my favorite things ever! We were actually attending a 21+ BYOB event, but due to some heavy drinking the night prior, I wasn’t really up for it hahaha. However I KNOW I’ll be back to one of these because you know I love my wine and crafts!

Thank you so much to Bianca for inviting me to her new brain child. It’s such a fun idea for people of all ages, families, tourists, and more. If you’re itching to attend, book your spot online at the Pink Easel website and use the code HAILEY for 20% off your ticket! See you there! 🎨

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