What to Avoid When Launching Your Brand's Instagram

What to Avoid When Launching Your Brand's Instagram

It's time, y'all. It's time for all old-school business owners to get with the times and start promoting their brands via social media. Marketing is definitely a layered approach. You need to make sure you have a great product, you need to make sure you can fulfill the potential demand of your product, and you need to figure out how to get the word out about your brand. The easiest way to do that is through paid media, obviously, but I know "spending money to make money" can seem a little scary to entrepreneurs, especially if they don't have any venture capital to work with. But never fear! I can help you get some solid brand awareness through Instagram with minimal ad spend, just take a look at my tips below..

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Stock Photos

I know it's easy to hop on Getty or iStock and search for a photo that will work for your campaign and brand. The photos are professionally taken and edited, however you can allllways tell when an image is a stock photo. They're sterile, and, frankly, not creative. I use a lot of stock images for this blog for the fact that it's convenient and they look great with my template. I would never use stock photos on my Instagram.

Not going to lie, when I first started at my job, all of our content were Stock Photos and reposts. Take a look at what our Instagram looked like when I came on.


Yikes. And this isn't to discredit the person in my position before me! It is really, really hard to develop your brand and voice. I think the person before me was a little scared to think out of the box, because our marketing tactics have shifted from marketing ourself with the credibility of a DNA test to a fun product for expecting moms. After I did research on our main demographic, I was able to shape our Instagram and social profiles accordingly. Soon enough, I was neck-deep in customized original content from our customers! Now I'm inundated with photos and videos from our customers wishing to be reposted! Below is how I shifted our brand identity when I first came on, and how our profile looks now.

A Jaded Attitude Toward Hashtags

Everyone has a PTSD moment from the dawn of Instagram and seeing "#instagood #instalike #instasummer" on every single post since the height of the app back in the early 2010s. I know everytime I saw a list of hashtags on a post, I rolled my eyes so far to the back of my head that I could see my brain. But, Instagram in 2010 isn't the same as Instagram in 2018, and hashtags are VITAL.

The algorithm has decimated chronological feeds for Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter alike. Now Influencers, Brands, and Companies are fighting for space in front of consumers. The easiest way to do that is to buy ad space. Instagram and Facebook ads are extremely successful. They have so many daily active users that when you pay for a result for your campaign, you will get those results. It's an estimate, but Facebook and Instagram are really good at getting your content to the people who need it most.

If you're scared of promoting or boosting your posts (you better get over that quickly), the next easiest thing you can do is optimize your hashtags. Before I was able to discover softwares to help with my hashtag choice, I would go on some of my favorite Influencer's pages and literally copy their hashtags. It was working for them, why wouldn't it work for me? And it did. It was a collaborative effort between hashtags + engaging, but after I started incorporating dense hashtags into my posts, my like and follower count grew tremendously.

I can curate a specialized hashtag list for you! Skip the research and let me help! Contact me.


"Posting and Going"

I just made up that term, so when it makes it big, you can say you heard it here first hahaha. I'll admit, I was like this for work at first. I was always like "why aren't we getting likes?" "why aren't we getting followers?" Well, it was because I would post our content and move on. I would close the app and work on something else. That is WRONG!

Instagram rewards those who are on the app a lot. Think about it. They make their money even if someone LOOKS at an ad, so if you're scrolling and tapping wildly, Instagram recognizes that. They think, "oh wow, this person is using our app a bunch. Let's move their posts up so their followers can see" I'm not quoting them, but that's what I've found.

I will scream this to the rooftops as much as I can for as long as I have your attention: YOU NEED TO ENGAGE! None of that "post photo" and go. Tap on your hashtags and engage with the photos in there. Go to your main feed and engage with the people you actually follow! That's the only way to get someone's attention. It's really that easy!

I can guarantee that once you have your brand identity down, your content ready to publish, and a go-getter attitude to spread the word, you will not fail!

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