How to Master the New Instagram Algorithm

How to Master the New Instagram Algorithm

Working in social media has been such a rewarding experience for me. Not only have I been able to completely create and grow a brand from scratch, but I've been able to connect with great people across the country with goals to further themselves through influencing.

I've been all-in on social media, consistently, for about 2 years straight. I've been able to notice trends and patterns that get people noticed on Instagram. I'm willing to share my top 3 tips to grow your Instagram organically, without having to pay for likes or followers. It just takes a little bit of care and time.

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3. Take High-Quality Content

No one likes a low quality photo. No one like a crowded photo. No one likes an uneven photo. My best advice for this is to read in-depth photography blogs about how to shoot great content. Luckily I've been able to be coached through the years by close friends that have taught me about the rule of thirds, level horizons, and Adobe Lightroom.


2. Optimize Your Hashtags

We're used to it by now, but don't you ever wonder why you see a post made 20 minutes ago, then another from 52 seconds ago, and then the next from 3 days ago? Pretty annoying. I'm old enough to remember chronological Instagram. Ahh, those were the days. Now, hashtags are vital. These days, influencers, bloggers, content creators, agencies, and most Instagram users are following at least one hashtag. It can be related to a lifestyle (i.e. "#travelgram"), niche (i.e. "#motherhoodrising"), or just simply a hashtag that is known to generate engagement because of the density and frequency of posts published. Some of my favorites from that last one are #chooselovely, #pursuepretty, and #flashesofdelight. I'm going to be curating a collection of hashtags for different Instagram niches, so be on the lookout for that!


1. Engage, engage, engage!

I cannot emphasize this enough. Brands and influencers cannot grow without mutual support! Not only from people in your space, but branching out into other niches and sections of Instagram is super important to expand your reach. Commenting and engaging on posts that have the same hashtags as yours also boosts your placement on the Discover feature. Something I like to do after I make a post is choose 3 or 4 hashtags I've used and go to them, find a couple accounts I don't follow already, follow them, like and comment on a bunch of their photos, and move on. Not only does that boost engagement in my space, but now you have the attention of that blogger and you also are exposing yourself to other ways of branding! Never stop learning!

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