What to do Before Your Blog Launches

What to do Before Your Blog Launches

Yay! You're starting a blog! But where do you start? Let's assume you've done the operational part; you picked your hosting website, you bought your domain, and now what do you do? Don't worry! I have 3 easy steps to start a blog listed below!


Choose a Template

Usually, when you're first creating your website, the host will give you a few options of a template. Most bloggers aren't web developers or web designers, so this is how you will control what your blog will look like. Some things to consider when you're choosing a template are:

  • What do you want to highlight on your website? What is its purpose?
  • How do you want to present yourself to your readers?
  • What is the most important (in your opinion) to show first thing on your page?

Before I chose the template I have now, I spent probably 6-7 hours playing with and tweaking 2 other options. The other templates had different goals than what I was trying to accomplish on my blog, and it took me awhile to really decide what I want to highlight, what I believe is most important for my readers, and how I want to present myself as an individual and business.

If you're creating a blog in hopes to begin monetizing your influence, then the style you choose to present yourself is extremely important. There aren't many face-to-face interactions between companies and influencers, so your "online resume" through your blog is all you get to show them. Be prepared and knock their socks off!

Need to get in contact with an amazing web designer and developer? Contact me and I will set you up with someone in my network!


Find Your "Thing"

If you want to be a fashion blogger, or a food blogger, or a travel blogger, or a "lifestyle" blogger, you gotta present yourself as THE influencer in that niche. In my previous posts I talked about how it's important to cross-promote your brand into other channels. For instance, if your primary focus is fashion blogging, it doesn't hurt to dabble in a little food or travel blogging! This is called content marketing and it's allllll the rage these days with brands.

What I don't recommend is starting your blog without a plan. Don't start your website with one post in mind and nothing else. You will get burnt out very quickly and you'll find yourself hating this new blog. You'll be out over $200 (after buying your domain) and you'll be sad. Keep a notebook (or use the Notes in your phone if you just scoffed at the thought of pen and paper) with ideas and inspiration you think of. For me, I'm always on the go and my ideas come in at a million miles per hour, so I usually send an iMessage to myself with my idea. That way, I can just go back to my thread with myself and look at all my ideas later on.

Your story is valid! Need help establishing your brand? Contact me!


Create that Content!

Now the fun part! Share your knowledge with the world! Share images, stories, tips, tricks, and whatever else drives your fancy! Clearly on this site, my focus is helping you all further yourselves using social and digital media. I have some very valuable information that I've absorbed and learned from the past over 2 years that I've been a Social Media Manager, and I know this information is valuable to people! It may not get me "insta-famous" or whatever, but that's not really my goal. In fact, I actually get kinda mad when my follower count grows but my engagement stays the same. If you're gunna follow me, engage with me!

But enough about that. You should never feel like what you say doesn't matter. There are billions of people in the world with different experiences, need levels, and interests. I bet there's someone out there who will love your words, perspective, and what you share.

Need help starting your blog? I do consultations! Contact me!

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