Why Facebook Ad Manager is Removing Tons of Targeting Demographics in 2018

Why Facebook Ad Manager is Removing Tons of Targeting Demographics in 2018

It's no secret that people are getting more and more creeped out by data profiles and digital behavior tracking. It doesn't take a rocket science degree to know that, unless you're in total incognito mode, everything you do online is tracked and stored away into your special little data profile.

Don't you ever wonder why when you're talking about how bad you want a Dr. Pepper with your friend, an ad for a cool and refreshing Dr. Pepper comes up on Instagram? Us marketers are watching. And we're paying big bucks to listen in on your conversations, know how long you're on a certain page on our website, and even where your mouse is moving during your session on our website. Creeped out yet?


Oh, don't be so naive! It's like your parents always telling you growing up, "don't put anything on the internet you're going to regret!", "stuff on the internet is there FOREVER!" I know that definitely scared me out of a few questionable activities online when I was a kid. Luckily most of the trouble I got in as a kid happened offline hahaha.

After Cambridge Analytica was exposed for secretly and misleadingly collecting data from consumers, those consumers needed a scapegoat. Facebook is a social media that almost everyone has. It was established at the height of the internet in the mid 2000s when social media didn't even have a name--it was just Friendster or Xanga. I'm going to guarantee that for at least some time in your life, you had a Facebook. And you overshared on it, well, because we didn't know better.

Now that we're older and (somewhat) wiser, we know that we're being watched, and we don't like it. Especially when you can target someone down to the type of credit card they use, and what kind of stores they use it at. (I've targeted women ages 18-35 who have used major credit cards at low-end department stores.. That was a target demographic). We don't even realize that our money is being watched, however that's why you see so many ads for relevant things in your life. If you're a Wall St. businessperson who lives in New York City, it wouldn't make sense to show you ads for a $5 coupon off 10lbs of horse manure. That's a waste of your ad spend.

So here's what I've got so far for things that are being removed:

  • Behaviors > Financial > Spending methods

  • Behaviors > Purchase behavior > Buyer profiles

  • Behaviors > Purchase behavior > Food and drink 

  • Behaviors > Purchase behavior > Food and drink > Grocery shopper type

  • Behaviors > Purchase behavior > Kids products

  • Behaviors > Purchase behavior > Purchase types

  • Behaviors > Purchase behavior > Store types

  • Demographics > Home > Household Composition

  • Demographics > Parents > Moms

    Pretty straightforward. Mostly buyer profiles and purchase behaviors which I know will hurt the company I work for, just because we're a pretty niche product and capturing our lead at the right time is a bit difficult, but I'm up for the challenge. Let me know if you have any other targeting or demographics that are being removed, I wanna be as prepared as possible before September!

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