The Importance of Eye Health with Pixel Eyewear

The Importance of Eye Health with Pixel Eyewear

I received a pair of Pixel Eyewear blue light blocking glasses for the purpose of this review. Though as always, all views and opinions are my own! Check out a special coupon code at the bottom of this post as well!

Before I actually

started at my current position, I worked retail for a long time. I worked at department stores, clothing stores, and even a glasses store! Okay fine, I worked at LensCrafters. It was a sort of random job, but I learned so much that I never would have known if not for that experience!

I learned about how sensitive our eyes can be to light. I got scared-straight into wearing sunglasses constantly to lessen my likelihood of developing macular degeneration. I have a history of it in my family and according to 23andMe, I’m genetically-more-inclined to develop it later. Macular degeneration wasn’t the only important thing I learned while at LensCrafters. Before I ended up leaving the company, we launched our very first blue-light blocking glasses; something I had never heard of before.


Since my job

is 100% online (computer AND phone), my eyes have definitely experienced strain. Sometimes I would have to turn off the lights in my office just to get through the day. I had been seeing blue-light blocking glasses sweeping social media the past few months and my old LensCrafters knowledge sparked up! While working there, I was trained on how bad screentime can be for your eyes.

Computers and phones are known to give off a harmful light on their screens. It’s referred to as blue light because it’s the beginning of harmful light on the UV scale. You can imagine that using your devices excessively can be damaging. Being online basically 24/7 had definitely taken its toll. I used to get migraines and eyestrain very frequently before I had thought about getting my own blue light blockers. I had looked into several companies and found Pixel.

Not only do they have so many cute styles you can get with prescription or without, but they even have a 30-day risk-free trial to make sure you love them! Make sure the frames are perfect and that they actually work for you! It only took me about a week to really notice that I wasn’t getting migraines, the lights in my office weren’t bothering me, and I was even sleeping better.


The frames I’m wearing

are called Ventus. They come in a few different colors and I’ve even gotten a couple of my coworkers on the bandwagon! What I love is that they can make your glasses in your prescription if you’re primarily a glasses-wearer, or non-prescription if you don’t need one or wear contacts! No need to pay for expensive frame and lens prices like retailers!

The best part? They’re having a $20 off sale right now! They were even awesome enough to give an extra $5 off to my blog readers and followers! Just enter the code HAILEY5 at checkout! Thank you Pixel for letting me try out your frames, you’ve made me a believer!

Wearing the Ventus style. Get some of your own at  Pixel’s website !

Wearing the Ventus style. Get some of your own at Pixel’s website!

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